Chats with Tebo & Becky Mpanza

Hot on the heels of Tough Conference, I decided to take the opportunity of a car ride to Sydney with Pastors Tebo & Becky Mpanza, to record a podcast with this incredible couple.

Tebo & Becky are the campus pastors for Hope City Church in Leeds, UK, and were special guests at Tough Conference 2019. They truly are an exceptional couple, and I didn’t want to let them get on a plane back to the UK without giving you the chance to discover a bit of their story, and hear their heart on some big issues.

So - no blog this month! If you are normally a ‘blog girl’, not a ‘podcast girl’, can I ask you to make an exception this month? There’ll be a fresh blog out next month (June - argh this year is flying by!) but this month I’d love you to listen to the podcast instead. You’ll be glad you did!

(Huge thanks to Tebo & Becky for getting up at 5am just so they could record this podcast for me! Absolute legends. And a special shout out to Dave Connett for the expert driving and nuggets of wisdom along the way.)

Bec xo