Someone came up to me and handed me an envelope and said they had been thinking of our family. It had $300 in it. In a week we had a big bill come in and car expenses the week before. Bought tears to my eyes. So thankful for their generosity!!!

Goodlifers are a generous people, it’s part of the way we choose to live our lives.

This July we’re taking the opportunity to unleash good in our community through random acts of kindness as part of “The Big Give”.

were you the recipient of a random act of kindness? did you do a random act of kindness?

we’d love to hear your story!



I was waiting for my train home after work, and I’d been given some extra food to take with me as I left the store. As I was getting on the train a lady with her arm in a sling mentioned that it was going to be a cold night again, and so I offered her the extra food with a big give card on top. She thanked me for my kindness and appreciated the gesture, saying lots of people had been kind out of nowhere today.
I had been so scared for weeks on doing a Big Give. My fear was gone when I realised all I had to do was to go and buy a $50 gift card, and bless someone with it. On the day, I did about 10 laps of the shopping centre waiting for God to lead me to the right person. I eventually walked into Woolworths, saw a couple with a young boy at the checkout, and went up to the mum and told her I felt like she was the one I needed to give the gift card to. She was kind of shocked, but gladly accepted. She asked if she could give me a hug and said that I had made her week. The way that she reacted has made me want to do it all over again now!
I was at Blackbutt Park, which was packed because of school holidays, so I bought a parking ticket and left it in the machine with my Big Give card sticking out. Who knows who’s day that might have made that little bit easier, and it was so easy to do!

I was at a cafe this morning and had my big give card ready to buy someone a coffee and then my local barista saw it and asked about it and said “well I have something for you then” and went and grabbed a carton of their fresh eggs they were selling and gave it to me! I hadn’t even had a chance to do my give yet, but the power of just talking about it encouraged another person to give!
Bailey used some pocket money to pre pay parking tickets on honeysuckle
I took time to take care of a friend who was struggling with loneliness and anxiety. I shouted them dinner, listened, prayed and gave them some hope.
I bought a round of coffees for the mums and dads at mainly music at the goodlife Newcastle campus on Monday. I got to chat with one mum who’d been coming only 2 weeks and she was surprised and thankful. Alison who leads up Mainly Music said it had a great effect. Too easy to make someone’s day!!
Dad took me and my brothers to the shops to show us how easy “the big give” is. We found a mum of 2 struggling with her trolley and kids so we approached her and offered to take her trolley back. I gave her a card and she thanked me. So easy.
Goodlife’s Refugee Support Team had the opportunity to bless some local recently arrived refugee families struggling with the Newcastle winter. 10 doonas were dropped off to the local agency that looks after their transition to Australia. The case worker was very appreciative and has 3 families in mind for the doonas.
Myself and one of the other students decided to bake some goods for a bunch of other students in our degree. We anonymously left 50 bags of goodies in our common room, and were all gone within an hour or two. All day I heard people saying things like “that’s so generous” and “that made my week”.
At my gym two of the trainers got engaged about 6 months ago. They’re great people, super positive and friendly. I congratulated them at the time but thinking/praying around ‘The Big Give’ I decided to give them an engagement gift in a card and an encouraging message with the big give card. I haven’t seen them since I slipped it in the office but I’m really excited to see what comes of it.
I was having dinner at Eurobar and the waitress clearing the table next to mine and she dropped a glass and it shattered over the ground and me. She was really apologetic and I went back the next day and dropped off a $10 tip for her and a letter of encouragement to make sure she knew she was appreciated for the job she does and that the hospitality business can be thankless but someone somewhere notices the job she does.
I went to my old primary school and bought a round of coffees for the staff, they were blown away and very interested in church, checking out the big give cards. What’s more, the cafe staff who were wondering why I’d order so many coffees were blown away and asking heaps of questions
We blessed the educators at Alexis’ daycare by making some cupcakes, we later learned that one of the children who attends had passed away suddenly on the weekend. Our big give (although it seemed small) was well received. It really was so easy.
I have been going to a fairly new local cafe within the past month and have been blown away by their hospitality, coffee (YUM!) and the sense of community they have created with their awesome cafe! To bless them and their team, I opened a tab with $80 at another local restaurant to go towards a team night where they can go and celebrate all that they have achieved together! I wrote a little letter explaining the Big Give and popped a card in the envelope and handed it them as I was grabbing my coffee. Super easy and super fun!!