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‘Goodlife’ is used to describe not just our church, but a spirit - a way of living. We aim to be a powerful representation of Christ’s love, intentionally winning the lost, and creating influence at every level - planting churches with a spirit of faith, passion, and love, as we are lead by the Holy Spirit - and learning to see the opportunities every day to help other people in need.

We welcome every person to the adventure of life with Jesus at the centre and the remarkable goodlife that awaits everyone who becomes a part of this family.

We'd love to meet you at one of our Sunday services! If you're interested in finding out more about who we are, or would like to join the team join us at our  Growth Track.

Dave & Rebecca Connett
Goodlife Senior Pastors




It’s a spirit, a way of living. It’s one hundred percent commitment to Christ and bringing His kingdom to earth. It’s authentic faith expressed with sincerity. It’s good stewardship of resources, a lifestyle of excellence, giving our best, stepping up and living a life worthy of the call of God. It’s living in the presence of God with a natural outworking of His supernatural power. It’s passionate, fun and loving life, overcoming life’s obstacles, sticking together, committed to serving the local church and reaching neighbours, family and friends. It’s innovative, hard working, generous, living lives of significance and influence. It’s strengthening families and homes built on love where marriages, parents and children thrive. It’s security, acceptance and unity, building strong and confident people. It’s lives that shine the brilliance of God through the evidence of a changed life. It’s a spirit of faith that doesn’t pretend everything is okay but believes one day it will be.


A powerful representation of Christ’s love, it feels like home.  No barriers of race, gender, financial status, colour or religion.  Everyone is accepted and everyone is loved. A community of faith that is intentionally winning the lost, building strong disciples, developing leaders and restoring families. An unmatched influence, a church that cannot be ignored where people realise their God given platform and passionately stand on it with confidence, excellence, bringing leadership to their area of expertise and creating kingdom influence at every level. A church of massive momentum, filled with faith, energy and passion where it seems like nothing is impossible. A house of prayer where hearts beat with a passion for Christ and His kingdom on the earth. Planting churches with the same spirit of faith, passion, influence and Christ’s love as we are lead by the plan of the Holy Spirit. Powerful generosity, gathering resource to fulfil the great commission, teaching people to prosper so they have the opportunity to experience the power of faith, multiplication and giving. 

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Having eyes to see the opportunities everyday to help another person in need. It’s in the heart of every goodlifer and outworks locally through programs that are meeting the needs of locals doing it tough and helping them break the cycle of poverty, welfare, abuse or dependency. Reaching nationally and internationally through partnerships of mutual respect, teamwork and empowerment. Executing justice upon the earth, righting the wrongs, challenging the evils of this world, speaking up for those without voice. Prepared to start small, committed to grow big!